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How our services can help your business

With the internet influencing so much nowadays in marketing, PR and sales and bandwidth increasing by the day, people are viewing more and more videos to research products, properties, special interests, places to visit etc, it is a fact that products marketed with video are 60-70% more likely to be bought.

But the market is becoming flooded with sub par video content and it can become a challenge to set yourself apart from other players in your industry and get seen.

You need to be able to show your customers that you are better than anyone else at your craft. For that reason, done well, we view Aerial Media as being the key to showcase your business.

1. Differentiate Yourself

As I stated above, with the progression of cameras in the past decade, it is now possible for anyone with a few pounds to go purchase a nice phone or GoPro and take passable videos. And though this has its place in marketing (a topic for another time) it doesn’t set you apart from the pack. Marketing is based on conversions. If your marketing isn’t selling your product or service, it is failing.

Aerial Video provides you with an interesting opportunity to separate yourself from your competitors and polish your professional look. To get legal professional aerial shots for commercial use requires a CAA Permission for Aerial Work, which may seem daunting, but there are many CAA approved companies and it isn’t as expensive or intimidating as most people think. It is very affordable and the turnaround is very fast. This means that you could get incredible video shots that set your business or company up for success.

2. Show Off a Unique Perspective

Business is about telling your customers a story. The story about your brand, the people who work there, and the reasons why you are excited about what you do, what you have to offer...Integrating aerial videography and photography allows many businesses to showcase a different perspective or view of their work. Engineering firms can showcase structures from new angles, builders and contractors can give investors a unique view of commercial projects, and even farmers can get new insights on their crops, places of interests can show stunning aerial views of the area, property sales can showcase the property far better...

More often than not, these shots are completely unique and new. They can inspire awe and get people excited about things that otherwise may not be exciting at all. With aerial videography, you can showcase a completely new perspective.

3. It Isn’t As Expensive As You Think

I say this, but add an immediate caveat. To get quality images, professional service, and quick turnarounds, you are going to need to approach this with a reasonable budget.

Many people think you need a budget of £5,000+ to get basic aerial shots. But, for the majority of basic video and photo shoots, it simply should not be anywhere near that expensive. (If some aerial drone company were trying to charge you that, I would go elsewhere)

4. Showcase Your Abilities

It can be tough to showcase what your company is capable of. Fields like engineering and construction have long been considered “a bore” when it comes to marketing. No one gets excited about marketing an engineering firm building a wastewater plant. But this can largely be attributed to the fact that it is difficult to showcase what these companies do. The magnitude of a large structure can often be lost from the perspective on the ground, and the construction process of a large building cannot be appreciated without a view from above.

Advantages of UAVs or Drones over other methods of Aerial Photography and Filming

Users and manufacturers are finding more and more uses for UAVs or Drones and as the hardware and software develops the benefits just go on and on...

Drones can go places helicopters can’t

Some of the most impressive and creative drone footage is shot in places that helicopters can’t go. Low level flying has a creative edge: ground flying through trees, cresting over a ridge, and flying near structures. These are dangerous positions to put a helicopter pilot, much less the legal ramifications of this type of flying.

There are however a lot of places that helicopters can reach that drones can’t. But those cases tend to be fewer.

Flexibility in shoots

It is very easy to do reshoots with a drone and find the right angle and take. The cameraman and client can watch via FPV (First Person View) and see exactly what the drone is recording.

On the other hand elevated pole masts have a less flexible camera positioning, making it harder and more time consuming to capture an image from the specific angle needed.

Reshoots in helicopters add in another layer of complexity. Usually the camera operator is in the helicopter and the client on the ground. Communication gets rather complex and doing another take will require more time and money!

Easy to transport

Drones are very easy to transport, and advantage over mast photography. Transport of the masts can be time-consuming and costly. Particular equipment is needed including either a van or a 4×4 to make aerial photography masts portable. Whereas aerial drones are far easier to transport and can be taken in a car or carried anywhere. No special equipment is needed for the transport of an aerial drone which makes it a much easier hassle free method of capturing aerial images for many photographers.

Time factor

Another disadvantage of using elevated mast poles for aerial photography is the relatively long set-up time to capture a shot. The mast has to be placed in position and elevated to the correct height before a photograph can be taken. An aerial drone has very little set up time as take off from the ground takes only a few seconds. The aerial drone method is highly advantageous for capturing those spontaneous shots, especially in certain circumstances.

But how can they benefit your business?

1. Saving money by utilizing UAVs

Chartering helicopters or aeroplanes for aerial video is extraordinarily expensive. The cost of pilots, fuel, camera crews, camera rentals, and safety equipment is enough to ground most every operation. Drones make aerial video and photography approachable for any business, in any industry.
With the price barrier being so low, there are numerous applications in which your company could be saving thousands, or even millions, just by utilizing drones.
Marketing materials, structural inspections, 3D modeling and mapping, thermal imaging… these are just a few examples of services that drones are capable of for a fraction of the cost of any other contemporary business solution.

2. Safety for personnel

Having an unmanned aerial vehicle creates access to objects and places that otherwise would be impossible. Whether it is a close proximity bridge inspection, a complex shot for a film, or a leaky oil pipeline with thousands of pounds of potentially deadly built up pressure.
UAVs or Drone are ideal for carrying out inspections that would otherwise present a dangerous situation for an employee. Drone technology allows you to keep personnel safe while also gathering the necessary video and data required to operate your business.

3. Efficiency

Efficiency is increased when you incur less costs, less liability, and less maintenance time. Drones can drastically increase efficiency for your company with building inspections, 3D aerial modeling, or thermal imaging. But, drones won’t increase efficiency if you try and do them yourself.
There are many regulations and restrictions on who may operate a drone in a commercial setting. For most businesses, it does not make sense to incur the liability and insurance burden of having an “in-house” drone operator.
By leaving drone operations to professionals, it not only lowers your liability and costs, but allows the job to be done on a professional level.

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