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Service Timelapse Photography and video
Equipment Nikon cameras, custom built timelapse units | 4G Connectivity | Solar
Format HD to 5K video format
Cost Based on location, type of installation and duration of project
  • Construction Site Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Promotional Content
  • Events, Tourism and more…

Timelapse Photography

Time-lapse, capturing an event over time, is an interesting and intriguing way to present your project, event or location. We are finding that more and more of our clients are enjoying seeing their projects progress in "quicktime" as it gives a different perspective and appreciation of it.



Depending on how long, the location and the subject matter, we use DSLR 24MP Nikon cameras within specifically built time-lapse systems which can be connected to 4G mobile sim for online realtime viewing, connected to solar panel for completely off-grid independent systems.

These systems can be used for long term - projects of months or years, or weeks or for day events both outdoor and indoor.

After capturing the series of timelapse photographs we import all photos for editing and producing the video. Amongst the software we use - Davinci, Lightroom and LRTimelapse to create a final time-lapse video.