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drone in construction

Drones in Construction

Construction projects are complicated, time-consuming & resource-intensive. But once complete, they are always worth it. So when technological advances reach the industry that offers the opportunity to manage large projects that little bit easier, why aren’t more people doing it?

Drone Aerial Photography offers a fantastic way to plan, manage and document the progress of construction projects – from the air.

One of the most impressive applications of drones is providing an aerial perspective of a building project, infrastructure development and redevelopment of building complexes – it is ideal in representing the complexity, scale and layout of large civil engineering projects, its progress and development. Aerial photographs also help show the context of a site within its environment and location.

Our clients find that by taking regular sets of aerial photographs, they can build up an aerial portfolio showing how their project is progressing for project management, and can analyse their project from a birds-eye perspective, highlighting potential problems not visible from ground level. Drones have tremendous potential to help mitigate jobsite risks and enable smarter ways of building.

Even before construction begins drone photographs are useful for planning applications, architectural planning and surveying, surveying the area, the land and its surroundings...

Our clients find these images invaluable as they help present to their clients very clear monthly reports, and are invaluable in securing investment and planning for projects.

  • Aerial drone imagery help manage and document job sites
  • Can be used to streamline operations
  • Can help to stay ahead of project schedule and on/under budget
  • And are ideal to collaborate and share data across your organization

For renovation and maintenance projects, cherry pickers or costly scaffolding is needed to check the safety of roofs, to inspect difficult to get to areas of the site, our clients now avoid these troubles, by sending up our drones to inspect and assess the condition quickly and easily. This becomes a lot more cost effective and safer, as no personnel need climb to any unknown sections of the site.

We provide special monthly drone photography rates for as many of our clients require our periodic visits to their sites. Call us for further details.