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Capture the fantastic surroundings, showcase the facilities, walks and other activities, show the stunning views....Drones are ideal marketing tools for tourism.

We have been lucky enough to have visited some beautiful parts of the UK and film some wonderful lesser known tourist attractions. The advantages of drone filming for tourism are plenty. There are many things, places of interest, hotels and more that benefit from the view from the sky. Drone filming inspires and just gives a view that is not possible by any other means. A view which is also useful for potential clients to see what your tourist attraction, hotel, golf course etc have that could interest them.

We were very happy to find at the CTA summit in Llanelli that many companies in the tourism industry in Carmarthenshire that spoke to us at our stand, were very much aware about drones and their uses to promote their services. Visit Wales enjoys the use of drone imagery in their latest campaigns for example. The Year of Adventure promotional material benefited from some great aerial footage, and we hope the year of Legends for 2017 will do the same. With the fantastic coastlines, mountains, hills, cliffs, castles that Wales has to offer, what better way than with aerial drone footage to really showcase it and appreciate it. Aerial footage does really give the wow factor for tourism promotion.

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