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We were kindly invited to film The Dolaucothi Gold Mines, also known as the Ogofau Gold Mine.

They are Roman surface and underground mines located in the valley of the River Cothi, near Pumsaint, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Found in fantastic surroundings, the area and the Mine lend themselves to some intriguing footage. Filmed at the beginning of Autumn 2016, the trees and rocks revealed lovely colours ideal for capturing what was voted as Britain's quirkiest visitor attraction.

The Romans took over the mine here in about 75 AD, and established a fort at the site now occupied by the village of Pumsaint. The Roman mines were worked until about 150 AD, and some of the rectangular Roman tunnels can still be seen. After the Romans left, the mines were left for over 1600 years, until the Victorians reopened workings. A succession of companies worked Dolaucothi throughout the 19th century and early 20th century until the mines finally closed in 1939.

Visit the Dolaucothi Gold Mine website link

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