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Panning, tilting, tracking…basic camera motions for any film production to be effective and intriguing are being created in new ways with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), more commonly known as Drones.

They bring a unique space to move into and film, sweeping shots from near to far, over though and under shots, all done with a few carefully executed moves on the sticks. Drones have become and are becoming an essential tool for many industries from construction to agriculture, marketing to 3D Mapping…

New uses are being thought of every day. TV and Cinema isn't exempt from this boom, drones are also proving to be a useful tool in any production kit. They get into those spaces that before were impossible to get to, adding that extra dimension to the production which helps draw the viewer into the footage.

Practical and agile, drones are a lot quicker to set up, and more flexible than cranes and jibs not to mention a lot more affordable than helicopters, it is difficult for drones not to awaken the interests of film makes, directors and producers. They are developing at such a rapid pace it is difficult to see any limitations. Useful for all levels of TV and Cinema now they are able to carry cameras and lenses for all tastes and necessities and the advanced gimbal systems which now hold the camera help create a steady smooth shot.

Only recently were drones used for Dan Brown's film "Inferno". The scene took days to shoot, according to Jones and Hanks. "Occasionally I had to go back into the Boboli Gardens and run away from drones that were not there," said Hanks, who was also in Florence publicizing the movie. But it was not just filming the chase that was tricky. The crew also had to film the drone that was conducting the chase -- something that often required two drones.

"It was my first time really being around the drones, and dealing with them," Howard said. "There were times when we simply couldn't shoot with a drone in the shot. So we would use the drone to shoot the shot and then digitally put in a drone."

It's clever camera work, but Howard credits Brown with the high-tech vision for the scene. "He brings absolute cutting-edge modernity into conflict in a way with history and I think it's kind of epitomized in that drone sequence," he said.

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