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You need aerial footage, whether aerial photographs or aerial filming, but how do you figure out which drone photography filming company to hire? We are a drone company based in the UK, but looking at it objectively, how do you select the right company.

First, let’s clear up some misconceptions about drones and their use. Drones can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have a licence or not. They must however abide by the regulations set out by the CAA with regards to where one can fly and what distances they must maintain from property, people, and themselves to the drone, line of sight etc. However, drone footage whether it is photography or filming must be carried out by a company holding a CAA permission for aerial work, or PFAW if this footage is used for professional purposes, even if there is no monetary exchange.

So going on from that how do you choose the right company? "This company has a nice website, I bet they’d be good to work with.” A nice-looking website does make a good drone pilot or good footage. “These guys rank #1 for searches related to drones in my geographic area, they must know what they’re doing.” There are many reasons why a webpage makes the top in google but again it doesn't necessarily mean they are great at the drone work. Would you hire an lawyer for an important case because he looks good, or is number 1 in google? Or would you look at whether he/she covers the kinds of matters you require. Likewise, you need to look beyond the superficial to hire the right drone company. Here’s how to do it:

Decide what you need.

Do you need photography or film, in what context, a construction site or property sales, TV commercial or progress report...Do you also need editing? What kind of output do you require? What quality output, what resolution? etc etc These are things you may have clear, some more than others, but the drone company should be able to help you fill in the gaps.

Do they have permission for aerial work?

On their website they should make reference to their CAA licence with the licence ID number. You can search and check the number on the CAA website. Please see link CAA Operators list

Ask for a quote

Ask the company for a quote. It is advisable to give a postcode and any other details of the site and the job in question as prices vary from job to job depending where the flight needs to take place and its surroundings. This will influence how many people are required in the team, what permissions are necessary, how much research is required etc. The output required is also an influencing factor, is it photography of film, is it for TV or the internet, this influences what equipment is required. Drone equipment varies in price, a video for the internet does not require filming with a camera worth over 20 thousand pounds, so you would not need a quote from a company that offers that as the only option.

Edition and Post-Production

Do you require editing and post production and does the company offer those services? This should be considered as it can be considered as 50% of the work of aerial photography and aerial filming. If it is required but it is not a speciality of the company then you need to consider that in the quotes. Do you like the companies style? Edition and post production is a matter of technique but also creativity. Do you like other work they have created?

Will they help you get the job done

Do you have a deadline? Can the company produce your footage when you require it?

There are many factors that can help you come to a decision, but we hope these points can help

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