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Although the media is picking up on negative stories regarding drones, they do have many uses of which not all are just commercial but also environmental and humanitarian

Environmental examples are many: analysis of deforestation and planning for reforestation, analysis of environmental disasters, such as earthquakes, flooding, drought. Disasters such as fires as well, the fire brigade in various countries are finding this tool very beneficial to find the hotpoint of fires thus be more effective in tackling the problem.

There are also some very interesting uses for drones for wildlife. Used by professionals drones can be used for studying animals, monitoring their breeding, wintering, migration tracking endangered species and even counting birds within a colony.

Poaching is a big problem in many countries which causes not only the death of many animals but also human fatalities due to poachers resorting to killing anyone trying to stop them of their horrors.

The drones are being used to search the herd and find where potential poachers will attack, they are also used to find the poachers and safeguard the lives of park guards who unfortunately often face gun fire from poachers

Drones can also be equiped with night cameras to work at night, and also with infrared cameras to find any humans or animals, lost or in danger.

Technology has its place and can offer us great tools for our benefit, these tools are not a replacement but an extra so that we can work and create a better place to live for every living creature.

The Santa Pola Salt Marshes in Alicante, Spain, is a nature reserve with fresh-water pools, salt lakes, beaches and dunes. As many as 3,500 flamingoes have made a permanent home here as have many ducks and storks, and is loved for the impressive landscape particularly at sunrise or sunset.

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