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As the technology improves so the uses for drones increase, armed with an array of sensors, commercial drones are becoming a new source for digital information.

While 60% of drone usage currently relates to communications and media such as for film making and commercial photography, new higher-value applications are on their way, as drones have a significant advantage in terms of precision, convenience, and cost over more traditional solutions such as satellites and helicopters. With the development of new drone-mounted sensors, such as thermal cameras, RGB cameras, Lidar 3D mapping, and new advanced software to process the data captured, this is paving the way for increased digitalization of industrial processes.

Media, marketing and Communications

The well known idiom "A picture is worth a thousand words " is apt in the case of drone photography and filmography as photography from the air helps capture a setting, put a building within the context its surroundings, understand and see complete installations, facilities from an angle not normally seen.

  • Estate Agents: Property Sales, Small Holdings, Estates, Land
  • Businesses: Showcasing facilities, areas, establishments
  • Journalism
  • Television, Film, Commercials

Urban planning, Architecture, Engineering

A building development, the development and planning of new towns, shopping centres, brownfield lands benefit from aerial photography as they help represent the area in question and are ideal in following the development with monthly photoshoots. The various possible cameras that can be placed on drones help in various types of maintenance inspections and safety inspections, mapping and topography.

  • Construction: Planning, Surveying, Progress Reports
  • Inspections
  • Site Analyses, Planning and design
  • Mapping, topography

Recreation and Entertainment

Just turning on the television it is becoming clear that many documentaries and daily programmes are finding drone filming ideal to take their projects to newer and more interesting heights.

  • Exploration
  • Activities and Adventures
  • Entertainment: Events, Concerts, Festivals
  • Motor Racing
  • Places of Interest

Environmental Management

Thermal cameras in particular are becoming extremely useful also for taking drones to new levels. The same is true of RGB cameras and lidar laser cameras for all of the following areas.

  • Environmental Hazard Assessment
  • Wildlife research
  • Habitat Monitoring


  • Precision Agriculture
  • Soil research
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Pest and Disease detection and management

Security Services

  • Security Surveillance
  • Crime investigations
  • Traffic control

Emergency Services

  • Disaster monitoring
  • Search and Rescue

Business and Commerce

  • Inspections: Infrastructure
  • Inspections: Aero-technology
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