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Aeroviews provides drone aerial imaging services to the construction and infrastructure sector and is fully equipped to work on any UK construction site. We take health and safety seriously and as with all of our drone operations, prepare a full risk assessment, providing you with a RAMS document for review and approval.

Our clients find our drone photography is an ideal solution for surveying, planning and management of construction sites. From initial planning and surveying, earthworks, to monthly progress reports of the development to final completion and even promotional content of the finished product.

The advantages are obvious, avoid costly scaffolding, cherry pickers or masts for the high shots, they are limited and don't gather imagery so efficiently or quickly.

We are seeing the use of drones in this sector becoming more prevalent as other contractors begin to appreciate the advantages it can bring. Some of the key ways drones can be used include; quickly surveying a site, showing clients progress, monitoring job sites, inspecting structures, help improve safety and all this additional information and feedback can help keep a project on track and on budget.

From our experience of having the advantage of an aerial view point, it can only be a good thing for the industry as a whole, so much so, our drone imagery service is highly valued by one of the largest property investors and developers in the UK. We cover their commercial as well as residential projects across the UK.

Please contact us, request a free quotation and enquire how we can help your project. We offer special price packages for periodic photoshoots.

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All commercial drone pilots/companies must hold a current permission/certification issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, otherwise known as the CAA. Our CAA ID is 1142.
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We are insured by Coverdrone, a comprehensive aviation insurance product for the commercial drone industry and is fully compliant with EU regulation EC785/2004.
Construction Skills Certification Scheme Card holders.
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